About the District Attorney's Office

The Tompkins County District Attorney’s Office is located on the third floor of the County Court House at 320 North Tioga Street.  There are currently eight attorneys, three part-time confidential investigators, four paralegals and one receptionist employed in the office. 

The District Attorney’s Office is responsible for the prosecution of criminal offenses in the twelve local courts (City of Ithaca, Town of Ithaca, Village of Cayuga Heights, Town of Caroline, Town of Groton, Town of Enfield, Town of Danby, Village of Freeville, Town of Dryden, Town of Lansing, Town of Newfield and Town of Ulysses).  The town and village courts have jurisdiction over misdemeanor and violation level charges and traffic tickets, including DWI.

Tompkins County Court has jurisdiction over felony charges, which involve more serious crimes.  The DA’s Office also prosecutes cases in Integrated Domestic Violence Court, Ithaca City Treatment Court, Ithaca City Wellness & Recovery Court and Felony Treatment Court. 

Ithaca City Treatment Court, Wellness & Recovery Court and Felony Treatment Court are all solution-based alternatives to incarceration.  Individuals voluntarily participate in these courts, with the understanding that there is an extended period of supervision, support and engagement required of them in order to successfully complete the program.  These courts allow for individuals who struggle with substance abuse or mental illness to receive treatment under the watchful eye of the court system, instead of incarceration.  By helping individuals become healthy and stable, the court system promotes public safety by breaking the cycle of law-breaking conduct.  

The three confidential investigators are retired investigators from local police agencies:  the Ithaca Police Department, the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office and the New York State Police.  The investigators know the local community and have more than sixty years of experience as law enforcement officers.  They review the cases submitted by local police agencies in order to improve the investigations, cover all the bases  and assist with the collection of evidence. 



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