• Matt Van Houten

Defund the Police?!

What does that mean? It doesn’t mean that there will be no more police.We will always need the police in our community. It means that resources will be spent on other methods of promoting public safety in addition to traditional law enforcement. For example, mental health professionals responding to calls instead of law enforcement. LEAD is an example of how the police can deescalate and divert people from being arrested. Training on implicit bias and cultural sensitivity as well as ways to avoid violence will be critical components of this new age of law enforcement.

We will always need a police force. I can imagine that many police officers would prefer to only deal with serious crimes and real public safety issues instead of petty theft from big box stores or minor squabbles.  Our local law enforcement agencies really try to do the right thing.  They are human just like everyone else.  We need them and we need to devote resources to train and support them in addition to providing resources to the community to improve how we deal with conflict and difficult situations.  



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